Documentary Transmittal Services Enabling the Efficient Delivery of Court Documents

Speedy Process Service for Urgent Legal Document Delivery

At Sound Process Service and Legal Support, Inc. in Beaverton, Oregon, we pride ourselves on being the industry leaders in process serving and legal support.

Our team of experts has over 20 years of experience, offering unparalleled service, intricate attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the legal landscape across the country.

Unmatched Process Server Services

With a focus on process serving, we aim to deliver high-quality, reliable services to all our clients. Our nationwide processing service is designed to cater to your specific needs, whether it's small claims, court records, or other services of process.

Our commitment to efficiency and precision ensures your legal documents are served properly and within the stipulated time.

Nationwide Processing Service

Our nationwide processing service is specifically tailored to serve the unique needs of each client. We ensure that your documents are served accurately and promptly, irrespective of the location.

We understand the importance of these documents to your legal proceedings and as such, we prioritize your urgent requests.


Specialty Services

  • Summonses and Complaints

  • Subpoenas

  • Order to Show Cause

  • Small Claims

  • Garnishments

  • FEDs (Residential/Commercial)

  • Trust Deed Sales

Document Services

  • Court E-Filing (All Oregon Counties)

  • Affidavits

  • Small Claims

  • Garnishments

  • FEDs (Residential/Commercial)

  • Court Record Searches

  • Secretary of State Filings

Virtual Paralegal Services for Attorneys

  • Paralegal Review of Documents

  • Pleadings and Other Documents in the Required Format

  • Litigation Exhibits

Document Services

  • Document Retrievals

  • Scheduled Pickups

  • Traveling Notary Public

  • Messenger Service

Legal Support You Can Rely On

Besides our core process server services, we also offer a range of legal support services. Our team is always ready to assist you, providing the necessary tools and resources to navigate the complex legal landscape.

We are your trusted partner in legal support, ensuring your process-serving goes as smoothly as possible.

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Our commitment to excellence makes us the ideal partner for all your needs. We invite you to explore our comprehensive process server and legal support services.

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